Lib Dem Digital is a membership organisation founded to organise people with interests and/or expertise in the digital space, find consensus over issues facing the Liberal Democrats and the country, and then campaign for the Liberal Democrats to adopt our policies through training, advocacy and demonstration.

The “digital space” encompasses:

  • People who develop and maintain computer software and hardware
  • People whose work relies on the “digital economy”
  • People who have a significant digital social presence
  • People who have an interest in digital rights

This is not an exhaustive list and identifies people who may want to join. It is not a list of “requirements” - everyone is welcome to join.

The organisation will function independently from the Liberal Democrats and organisational membership will not depend on party membership. However, the organisation will adopt the party constitution and will uphold the values of the Liberal Democrats.

Lib Dem Digital is not a provider of services to the Liberal Democrats. The organisation will not build, host or maintain software, hardware or infrastructure for the party at any level. The organisation will provide training and consultancy for the party, where it is appropriate and able.

The organisation will form an executive made up of elected members. An Annual General Meeting will take place each year to update the membership on the state of the organisation, and to debate and vote on policy.

Lib Dem Digital is not an advocacy group for any particular ideology or philosophy (outside of that of the Liberal Democrats). Instead, the group represents the consensus of our membership as expressed through policy motions at general meetings.